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Knight in shining armor! by Seraphinit
underswap gaster by dupsmj9610
Two heroes! - Underswap / Undertale by GalacticPainting
Two different universes by BUTTERMAYOJAMZ
Isengrim by VanGold
An Awkward Moment by Bomkaiplow
Underswap Lil Pap (YoC. Apr 8) by TaiylorWallace
Underswap Papyrus by Ketchupberry
Undertale:: Underswap:: Magic Taco by SpaceJacket
Floating by VanGold
Resolute by VanGold
Drawing Syrus by VanGold
Skelebros Together
Underswap by NichigoTheCat
Underswap Trio - sketch by Nauscica
Underswap skelebros Sketch by Nauscica
Underswap - Under the stars by Returnmemory
Asgore . Toriel . Asriel . Flowey
i love me some fluffybuns by napstachill
The Queen of Madness by RB9
Underswap- Toriel by glaceon803
Underswap Asgore by All-Soul
Chara . Frisk
Underswap Frisk And Chara by TordEddsworld
Underswap: Frisk and chara (MS Paint) by TordEddsworld
Psychopath by Burning-Sol
It's raining, partner - UNDERSWAP by Nauscica
Dreemurrs and Humans Together
Hoidy by thegreatrouge
[MMD Underswap] Fight me or run away! by NikerBob
Undertale #308 (AU) by nikki-tyan-autobot
It's raining here too by PoisonDIlu
Swaphys, short for Alphys from underswap by Nauscica
Underswap Alphys by DoubleVShivvers
Underswap Alphys by Keno9988II
Underswap - Alphys by spyaroundhere35
Undyne : underswap by Kbarrera001
Underswap Undyne by KendraTheShinyEevee
Fishy  Science by VanGold
It's my fault! by darsynd
Napstabot by neburan
Death by Swagger (Napstaton/UnderSwap) by KuraiTsukiMajutsu
radical! by Shroomtoons
Napstaton by Shroomtoons
MTT by Popkon
Ghost Cousins Together
I need your oppinion by VanGold
Underswap Grillby w/Speed Paint by Meow101XD
Underswap Muffet by GOICHIMONJI
Was so tired of being that doll... by jtgp-Chromrea
W.D. Gaster
Forgettable by VanGold
Monster Kid
Underswap - Monster Kid by jtgp-Chromrea
Other Characters
Underswap | Nice Cream Pants by eggsbby
Underswap: Hug you Hardcore! by Geeflakes-art
underswap by razielirken
Comics . Memes
Unpopulartale: Thanks for 50 watchers by jolibe
Asks . Dares
Blueberry Sans Icon [NOT F2U] by maxsapi
Sprites . Pixels
Swap!Papyrus Sprite Colored by Dix3lar
Cosplay . Artisan Crafts . Photography
[Undertale - Underswap] Plush Blueberry by RavenTheLost
Crossovers - With Canon or Other AUs
UT :: PV :: US :: SF :: Serif's Babysitters Sequel by SpaceJacket
Crossovers - With Other Fandoms
What kind of Pokemon are you? by Unu-Nunium
Human Underswap
Female Human Underswap Papyrus Version 2 by OnyxVivian
Animated: Swapfell PapyrusxChara by Geeflakes-art
Just another Comedian by VanGold
Royal Blue
Royalblue - Her sunshine by PoisonDIlu
Other Swap AUs
Undersawp - Undergender (Female Sans) by sushi-cat3
Mature Content - Blood . Yandere . Violence

Mature Content

Underswap: Smile for me by Geeflakes-art
Mature Content - Sexual . Nudity

Mature Content

Underswap Fontcest by AliceRein
Mature Content - Crossovers . Other Swap AUs

Mature Content

Playing with magic by PoisonDIlu
Stamps . Buttons . Icons
Pixel Blueberry by BubbleIce720
01: Secret Santa Summer '16
US Secret Santa by BlitzingBullet
02: Halloween Art Jam '16
Halloween Art Jam [5] ~ Decorating [BINGO] by SketchyGarden
03: Quilt Project '16
UT: The Underswap Quilt! by DrGaster
04: Secret Santa Spring '17
Underswap Ghost Cousins by xFell
Unpopulartale: Thx u 4 10 watchers by jolibe

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Hopes And Dreams by UglyTree Hopes And Dreams :iconuglytree:UglyTree 529 53 Fetching Frisky (Happy Mothers Day!) by TANblaque Fetching Frisky (Happy Mothers Day!) :icontanblaque:TANblaque 1,009 46 Whimsalot Plush Custom Commission by QueenBeePlush Whimsalot Plush Custom Commission :iconqueenbeeplush:QueenBeePlush 170 21 Napstablook - Undertale by ichimoral Napstablook - Undertale :iconichimoral:ichimoral 355 47 Undertale - Flowey and Asriel by LadyFiszi Undertale - Flowey and Asriel :iconladyfiszi:LadyFiszi 633 60 LEGO  Gaster Blaster by ProfMadness LEGO Gaster Blaster :iconprofmadness:ProfMadness 175 29 Undertale - Spider Dance by AirinNoSekai Undertale - Spider Dance :iconairinnosekai:AirinNoSekai 393 16 Art trade: Chara and Asriel by MZ15 Art trade: Chara and Asriel :iconmz15:MZ15 2,692 190 Undertale - Flowey by LadyFiszi Undertale - Flowey :iconladyfiszi:LadyFiszi 310 40 Undertale Blind Arttrade Project 2016 by whitmoon Undertale Blind Arttrade Project 2016 :iconwhitmoon:whitmoon 458 14 .:Napstablook:. by yoneyu .:Napstablook:. :iconyoneyu:yoneyu 803 55 Chesstale - Sans and Frisk - Checkmate Kid by WalkingMelonsAAA Chesstale - Sans and Frisk - Checkmate Kid :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 5,302 232 [Undertale] - Undyne by ashryn [Undertale] - Undyne :iconashryn:ashryn 247 23 Toby Fox by TsaoShin Toby Fox :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 7,914 1,008 Undertale - Alive by stormyprince Undertale - Alive :iconstormyprince:stormyprince 145 18 Undertale- Stay here, with me by christon-clivef Undertale- Stay here, with me :iconchriston-clivef:christon-clivef 410 35
The favorites can be used to submit Undertale artwork that isn't Underswap related. Please don't submit anything that should logically go in the gallery to the favorites.

Underswap Grillby by leonardoterror

Welcome to the Underswap fangroup!~

Underswap-Nice Cream Guy (Sprite/Overworld) by NotSoFine
Please do enjoy your stay!
Feel free to join by clicking the "join group" button~ If for any reason you can't see it, comment here to ask for an invite, and I'll get one to you right away!

Tiny Sprite Swap Toriel by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: R U L E S :star:

:bulletblue: Any sort of media is welcome here, but it must be Underswap related!

:bulletblue: We also allow sister AUs such as Invertale, Storyshift, etc!

:bulletblue: Please be kind to other members! Keep the drama down; we're all here to have fun!

:bulletblue: OCs and inserts are not allowed, sorry!

Tiny Sprite Swap Asgore by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: G A L L E R Y . G U I D E L I N E S :star:

:bulletblue: Questions about where to submit? Feel free to ask~

:bulletblue: I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time to move all the misplaced submissions I will get.

:bulletblue: If your submission was rejected, feel free to ask why. I will happily explain. I don't have the time to comment on every misplaced submission I get.

:bulletblue: Please let me know if there are submission issues, or if there's any folders you think we could use!

:bulletblue: Not sure why your submission was rejected? Try submitting it to the "Unsure" gallery folder!

Tiny Sprite Swap Tem by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: G R O U P . E V E N T S :star:

:bulletblue: Right now: a Valentine's Day Underswap Secret Santa! Assignments have been handed out!

:bulletblue: After that... who knows? ;)

Tiny sprite Chara by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: H A P P Y . E A S T E R :star:

Happy Easter From UnderSwap Sans and Papyrus! by EdoBean

FanArt - US Sans-o-Blueberry by neko-kumicho-chan


Any questions? Feel free to ask me!

Floe shop (underswap) by UnderTrashie




Just Passin' Through!

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We always appreciate new affiliate requests!~

UNDERSWAP Napstabot Icon by Bloody-Uragiri
Tiny Sprite Swap Sans by Bloody-Uragiri
:new: And the due date has hit! I see a few gifts haven't been finished yet, but I'll be sending a follow-up to anybody that hasn't turned in their gift. Thanks for participating! :heart:

So, as the title says, we're hosting another Underswap Secret Santa event! This one will be themed around the Day of Love, Valentine's Day!

:star: Here's the lowdown :star:
Each person will be randomly assigned someone to draw for. In turn, that person will be assigned somebody else... so on and so forth. And everyone will receive beautiful artwork! Sound fun? Artists are loosely categorized by skill level for this event. Please put forth your best effort in making your gift!

:star: How to sign up :star:
:bulletred: You have to be a member of UnderswapAU! However, joining just to participate is fine~
:bulletred: Comment below with three things you would want your partner to draw. No more, no less.
:bulletred: Your wishes must be Valentine's Day themed! This could be your favorite couple romancing each other; a parent celebrating with their child; or a solo Monster kicking it for Single's Awareness!
:bulletred: That's all! You'll be added to the list here, and your comment will be linked here as well.

:star: Timeline :star:
:bulletred: Signups are now closed!
:bulletred: Assignments are now handed out!
:bulletred: Gifts will be due May 1st, giving you one month to finish yours!

:star: Artwork guidelines :star:
:bulletred: This event is Valentine's Day themed! Your requests and fills must be at least tangentially related to the holiday!
:bulletred: However, group rules still apply, so for this event, OCs are not allowed, sorry. Your wishlist also has to be Underswap; that's what makes it an Underswap Secret Santa! Combination AUs or Swap AUs such as Swapfell or Storyshift are allowed, but canon and other AUs are not allowed!
:bulletred: All visual mediums will be allowed-- pixel art, digital art, comics, traditional art, etc.
:bulletred: However, for this event, the following will not be allowed: fanfiction, MMD/pre-made 3D models, bases, or traces of any kind.
:bulletred: Please make sure your art is complete, and, if traditional, scanned well; no sketches, no poor photographs of traditional drawings, etc.
:bulletred: I know that seems like a lot, but here's the most important rule: Have fun!

Tiny Sprite Swap Papyrus by Bloody-Uragiri

1. TaiylorWallace - wishlist

2. Startoucher - wishlist

3. SonicSans - wishlist

4. Starleafshysky - wishlist
Love gift by Ame9Tsuki

5. VeteranPegasister - wishlist

6. Saphlit - wishlist

7. Lidela - wishlist

8. pokemonskoolz - wishlist
Underswap Ghost Cousins by xFell

9. Harleyloveme2039 - wishlist
Smoke Rings by Startoucher

10. xFell - wishlist
Valentines gift for xFell by Lidela

11. Echoheartx - wishlist
Grillbz X Blueberry by pokemonskoolz

12. RankoDesu - wishlist

Mature Content

Harmony by ElegantFolly

13. Drama-soul - wishlist

14. TraditionSadistTrash - wishlist

15. SKanraS - wishlist

16. Atlas-White - wishlist

17. crispicroissant - wishlist

18. Ame9Tsuki - wishlist
Pede Tellurem Pulso- UnderSwap Papyton (YoC Apr.9) by TaiylorWallace

19. SketchyGarden - wishlist
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VeteranPegasister Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Just out of curiosity, would I by any chance submit this drawing Napstabot x Swap!Sans into the Secret Santa 2017 folder? I just want to make sure befor I submit it to the group. 0U0
DrGaster Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, that's absolutely right! Thanks for asking~
VeteranPegasister Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
You are most welcome~! ^w^
pokemonskoolz Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Something tells me that there is a huge backup with submissions... which could be a problem if people are trying to do Secret Santa. Is there anyone that can do Submission Approvals soon? If it's a family matter again, then I totally understand ^^
DrGaster Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Submissions were slow for a bit, but none of them expired. I'm going through them now and will be double checking to make sure all the Secret Santa gifts were handed out. ^^
pokemonskoolz Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
AWESOME SAUCE good luck my dude
Echoheartx Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This seems to be happening frequently lately. I hope they're doing alright but I think perhaps they should consider getting a co-founder or contributor to help sort through things in the group/accept or reject submissions. I know I'm waiting on three to go through right now so I can only imagine just how many there are all in all.
Cyane-ei Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
well leaving the group :/ nothing gets accepted AU crossovers with underswap get all rejected too
DrGaster Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry to hear! I get so many misplaced submissions, it's impossible to have the time to correct all of them. In the future, if you decide to submit again, try just submitting to the Unsure folder.
Cyane-ei Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
i put all in crossovers since it was mixed :/ waited over 1 month for any decision to have all declined without reason.. i just left :/
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