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underverse 0.3 by wishuponacrane
Underswap: Bad time? by BoneToDraw
The Queen of Madness by RB9
Knight in shining armor! by Seraphinit
underswap papyrus (shemeji?) by Bomkaiplow
You Dirty Brother Killer by MisterKitsune
UnderSwap Papyrus by MisterKitsune
You gonna have a bad time? - Swap!Papyrus by Psycho-kun12
  by Taiz444
Underswap - Sans by AquasProductions
Underswap sans by Sturmius
Cake by Ketchupberry
Skelebros Together
UT: Why Are You Like This by Echoheartx
[Team Switched: UNDERSWAP] Sans and Papyrus [OLD] by iAbokai
underswap sans and pap by C4MlL0
[UnderSwap] Bortherly bonding by girly-Eclipse
Asgore . Toriel . Asriel . Flowey
Underswap Asgore by Elizabeth787
Underswap Flowey by Elizabeth787
i love me some fluffybuns by napstachill
The Queen of Madness by RB9
Chara . Frisk
Underswap Chara by Underfell-Betty14

Mature Content

Underswap Frisk by Elizabeth787
Underswap Frisk And Chara by Bendy-Gamer-YT
Underswap: Frisk and chara (MS Paint) by Bendy-Gamer-YT
Dreemurrs and Humans Together
Hoidy by thegreatrouge
[MMD Underswap] Fight me or run away! by NyX456
Undertale #308 (AU) by nikki-tyan-autobot
It's raining here too by PoisonDIlu
Swaphys, short for Alphys from underswap by Nauscica
Underswap Alphys by DoubleVShivvers
Underswap Alphys by Keno9988II
Underswap - Alphys by spyaroundhere35
Underswap Undyne by LittleCactusik
Underswap-Undyne by Ellen-Reis
[Collab with GOICHIMONJI] Scratch by MidLuuna
Yandere-Swap by NajikaSun
Napstabot by neburan
Death by Swagger (Napstaton/UnderSwap) by KuraiTsukiMajutsu
radical! by Shroomtoons
Napstaton by Shroomtoons
underswap mtt by Belphonse
Ghost Cousins Together
Underswap Broken Soul | Napstablook and MTT by GOICHIMONJI
Underswap Grillby w/Speed Paint by Meow101XD
Underswap Muffet by GOICHIMONJI
Underswap Mythology: The Goddess of Ultrakill by jtgp-Chromrea
W.D. Gaster
Underswap Gaster Fight by DGartist13
Monster Kid
Underswap Monster Kid by Notori0us7
Other Characters
Underswap Saneje and Dayan Knight by roboguineapigultra
It's Getting Hot In Here (so hot) by ElegantFolly
Underswap Broken Soul | Fight graffiti by GOICHIMONJI
Comics . Memes
Unpopulartale: Thanks for 50 watchers by jolibe
Asks . Dares
Blueberry Sans Icon [NOT F2U] by maxsapi
Sprites . Pixels
Can We At Least...Be Friends Again? by Flare2266
Cosplay . Artisan Crafts . Photography
[Undertale - Underswap] Plush Blueberry by RavenTheLost
Crossovers - With Canon or Other AUs
Undertale :: Underswap :: SwapFell:: Halloween by SpaceJacket
Crossovers - With Other Fandoms
What kind of Pokemon are you? by Unu-Nunium
Human Underswap
Female Human Underswap Papyrus Version 2 by OnyxVivian
Swapfell - Fades of the Past by jtgp-Chromrea
Just another Comedian by VanGold
Royal Blue
Royalblue - Dogs and drakes by PoisonDIlu
Other Swap AUs
Cowboy Blublu by Kaweii
Mature Content - Blood . Yandere . Violence
Blue is the New Red by combiezombine
Mature Content - Sexual . Nudity

Mature Content

Underswap Fontcest by AliceRein
Mature Content - Crossovers . Other Swap AUs

Mature Content

UT: I'd Make You Believe (human!US Papysans) by DrGaster
Stamps . Buttons . Icons
Pixel Blueberry by BubbleIce720
Et Cetera
Underswap! Gaster shimeji download by genrispuma
01: Secret Santa Summer '16
US Secret Santa by BlitzingBullet
02: Halloween Art Jam '16
Halloween Art Jam [5] ~ Decorating [BINGO] by SketchyGarden
03: Quilt Project '16
UT: The Underswap Quilt! by DrGaster
04: Secret Santa Spring '17
Underswap Ghost Cousins by xFell
US - Such a Pretty Smile [C][HT] by Atlas-White

Random from Featured

Undertale : Omega Flowey by 25thHanabusa Undertale : Omega Flowey :icon25thhanabusa:25thHanabusa 125 14 Undertale :: Underfell:: SHOCKING by SpaceJacket Undertale :: Underfell:: SHOCKING :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 1,577 212 undertale: fancy jacket sans by Dragons-Roar undertale: fancy jacket sans :icondragons-roar:Dragons-Roar 185 1 Undertale - Determination + SPEEDPAINT! by SuricateDash Undertale - Determination + SPEEDPAINT! :iconsuricatedash:SuricateDash 92 25 Alphys by Zareidy Alphys :iconzareidy:Zareidy 1,607 204 MegaNOvania by TsaoShin MegaNOvania :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 6,822 1,138 UT - My Wish... (Commission) by Atlas-White UT - My Wish... (Commission) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 430 67 UT - Mettatwerk (Commission) by Atlas-White UT - Mettatwerk (Commission) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 245 221 UT - Sleepy By TV (Trade) by Atlas-White UT - Sleepy By TV (Trade) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 457 83 UT - Bonetrousers by Atlas-White UT - Bonetrousers :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 307 62 UT - These Arms Are Lethal Weapons by Atlas-White UT - These Arms Are Lethal Weapons :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 337 53 UT - You trip and fall flat on your crush by Atlas-White UT - You trip and fall flat on your crush :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 640 103 UT - The Wind is Blowing (Collab) by Atlas-White UT - The Wind is Blowing (Collab) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 871 50 UT - Friendzoned by Atlas-White UT - Friendzoned :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 540 150 UT - Wax On, Wax Off by Atlas-White UT - Wax On, Wax Off :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 376 52 UT - Death By Glamour (Commish) by Atlas-White UT - Death By Glamour (Commish) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 134 43
The favorites can be used to submit Undertale artwork that isn't Underswap related. Please don't submit anything that should logically go in the gallery to the favorites.

Underswap Grillby by leonardoterror

Welcome to the Underswap fangroup!~

Underswap-Nice Cream Guy (Sprite/Overworld) by NotSoFine
Please do enjoy your stay!
Feel free to join by clicking the "join group" button~ If for any reason you can't see it, comment here to ask for an invite, and I'll get one to you right away!

Tiny Sprite Swap Toriel by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: R U L E S :star:

:bulletblue: Any sort of media is welcome here, but it must be Underswap related!

:bulletblue: We also allow sister AUs such as Invertale, Storyshift, etc!

:bulletblue: Please be kind to other members! Keep the drama down; we're all here to have fun!

:bulletblue: OCs and inserts are not allowed, sorry!

Tiny Sprite Swap Asgore by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: G A L L E R Y . G U I D E L I N E S :star:

:bulletblue: Questions about where to submit? Feel free to ask~

:bulletblue: If your submission was rejected, feel free to ask why. I will happily explain. I'm sorry, but I don't have the time to comment on every misplaced submission I get.

:bulletblue: Please let me know if there are submission issues, or if there's any folders you think we could use!

:bulletblue: Not sure why your submission was rejected? Try submitting it to the "Unsure" gallery folder!

Tiny Sprite Swap Tem by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: G R O U P . E V E N T S :star:

:bulletblue: Right now: group clean up and a very late event wrap up!

:bulletblue: After that... who knows? ;)

Tiny sprite Chara by Bloody-Uragiri

:star: H A P P Y . H A L L O W E E N :star:

Underswap brothers halloween by BananaHyung

FanArt - US Sans-o-Blueberry by neko-kumicho-chan


Any questions? Feel free to ask me!

Floe shop (underswap) by UnderTrashie




Just Passin' Through!

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We always appreciate new affiliate requests!~

UNDERSWAP Napstabot Icon by Bloody-Uragiri
Tiny Sprite Swap Sans by Bloody-Uragiri

Hello everyone! As it says in the title, I'm hiring some staff to help out with the group! I just love the group too much to let my personal life let it get any messier, and I know lots of you feel the same way!

What I'm hiring will be the head of events. Your responsibilities will be making sure events run smoothly, answering questions from members about the events that are going on, accepting related submissions, and working out any kinks that arise. You'll also have the authority to come up with new events and solve disputes with members, although new events have to run by me before going live.

In addition, you'll be able to handle regular submissions when I'm not active.

To apply, please comment below with the following form. Notes will be ignored; comments that don't contain this form will be ignored.

How long you've been on dA:
Do you run any other groups?:
Do you understand the group rules and folder layout system?:
Why do you want this position?:

Thank you so much! <3

Tiny Sprite Swap Papyrus by Bloody-Uragiri
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